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Welcome to Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum! My name is Carolynn Wilson and I am the curator and co-owner of Sheffield Museum. This is where the history of early Black pioneers and settlers in Simcoe and Grey Counties is preserved, restored and experienced.  Since 1990, it has been a family endeavour, working closely with my uncle, the late Howard Sheffield, to expose the contributions and achievements of local Black men and women to the surrounding community, business world, military & marine service, and also in the sports arena.  Uncle Howard saw the need to keep this history alive for generations to come, so that it will never be hidden nor forgotten.  Sheffield Museum is the telling of a community life, of whites and blacks co-existing from Africa to America, from slavery to freedom, from the past to the future.  We are the link.  Come, walk with me through time, reach out and touch history.  You will never experience anything like Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum!  


Hello! I am Sylvia Wilson, co-owner of Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum.  Every artifact, picture, tool, article of clothing deserves its place in history and on the shelf.  It is my passion to make certain that each item is shown its individual importance and its usefulness in group settings.  We have organized the Heritage Walk, the specific themes for each building and arranged the displays to tell the story of how it all began, what happened along the way and where it lead to.  Many of the artifacts we have on display, we accidently stumbled upon or purposefully acquired, but in the end, they all  enhanced our diverse collections that fill our sixteen buildings.  Upon visiting Sheffield Museum, community families have graciously donated items that they felt would fit right in with the early pioneer lifestyles of the area.  Other visitors to the site have travelled to other countries and returned with authentic mementos that they donate for display purposes.  Others still have personal family heirlooms that need a home for safekeeping.  Whatever the reason for arriving, all of our displays reflect history, family, community and love.  Come and experience a living history of seeing, touching, understanding and honouring at Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum!

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